Fit After 30: R.I.P.P.E.D.

At the beginning of the summer a friend and I decided to start working out.  We’re both members of the YMCA.  And it’s really great because we drop our kids off at camp and check our younger sons into the Child Watch.  Then we are free to work out for two hours.  I find that running on a treadmill or an elliptical isn’t much fun or motivating. It also helps to have a workout buddy to go to the gym with.  Now that we’ve been at this for a few weeks we’ve tried several different classes, like, Zumba, Aqua Zumba ,piloxing (a good one!), step…but my favorite so far is R.I.P.P.ED!

R.I.P.P.E.D  stands for resistance, intervals, power, polymetrics, and endurance. This class is the real deal!  It is set to some awesome music and when you leave you will be tired and drenched in sweat.   Every time I take the class, I find it feels harder than the last time. R.I.P.P.E.D. in the metro Richmond area is taught by a mother daughter duo.  And they are FIT!  They have some awesome fit bodies and they keep you engaged during the class.  And I want to do everything they tell me because they look so good!

If you have a R.I.P.P.E.D. class in your area I suggest you go!  What is your favorite cardio class?


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Body After Baby: My Smoothie Secret

Smoothie Base


In an effort to make things easier for myself, I made a smoothie base. I’m a busy mother of three little girls who are out of school for the summer, so long drawn out periods of time spent with vegetables is pretty much out of the question. So today, as I unpacked my produce, I got a genius idea. I can just make a smoothie base.

What is a smoothie base you ask? Well let me break it down.

It’s pretty much taking the prep work out of making smoothies, while packing in as much nutrition as possible. I made a pitcher of these blended veggies that I can pour into the blender, add fruit and ice to make my smoothie. Easy.

What you’ll need: 

4 Kale leaves

1 cucumber

1/2 bunch parsley

3 cups of spinach

4 stalks of celery 

I just blended all these up and poured into a pitcher. This should last about 48 hours and probably about 3-4 smoothies. Just add your fruit (bananas, berries, etc.) and even protein powder. I actually found this recipe on a juicing website and it’s supposed to energize you just as much as a cup of coffee. Sign me up! I’m trying to kick my bad caffeine habit for awhile now.

It really saves time from having to blend up a ton of different things to make one smoothie and I added a lot of great ingredients right off the bat.

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Fit After 30: Luncheon

I really don’t like to cook.  Which is why I’ve always been a big consumer of convenience foods and fast food.  Those habit have lead to weight gain. To change that I know I have to cook at home.

Green beans and shrimp

Green beans and shrimp

So this is what I eat for lunch.  Green beans sauteed in olive oil and then I added some shrimp.  It was quick, easy, and tasty! Score!

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Banana Oatmeal Peanut Butter Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie

This smoothie is my post work out go to smoothie. It’s easy and it tastes pretty good. Since I work out after breakfast and before lunch, I find that it  holds me over for a pretty good amount of time. Plus I almost always have these ingredients on hand.

Awhile back I tried the Dr. Oz 3 Day Cleanse and it was an epic fail. All I could think about was food. I couldn’t watch TV, check out pinterest or even cook lunch for my girls without a major struggle. Even though that cleanse was a fail, I have continued to make smoothies, incorporating at least one into my day. The energy boost is amazing.


1 Banana

1 Tbsp Peanut Butter

1/4 cup Oatmeal

2 cups of Spinach


1 cup Vanilla Almond Milk (or water)


Blend everything together and enjoy.

What’s your favorite smoothie?


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Life After 30: Week 2 Recap

Have you ever seen the Biggest Loser?  Where week one, they lose 15, 20 and 30+ pounds.  They are amazed and so happy.  Then comes week two and the weight loss goes down significantly.  Two pounds.  One pound.  Or even no weight lost at all!  And everyone is so shocked.  What happened?  Why such low numbers?

I feel like I’m on Biggest Loser.  Last week I lost a crazy amount of weight.  This week not so much was lost.  But a loss is a loss.  And I’m grateful I didn’t gain anything.

As the saying goes, slow and steady wins the race.  So my initial goal was to lose two pounds a week.  So I am defiantly still on track.

I started the week out sick and work has gotten super crazy.  And it will probably be like this until the school year ends.  I feel like my work load has tripled since before Christmas break.  I say all this to say I didn’t get much exercise in this week.  Actually that would be none at all.  I just couldn’t take the time from my planning period to walk, too much to do.   Though I know it is an excuse.  I am still planning to do the boot camp workout because it is quite effective.

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Home Made

I thought I share some of the meals I prepared this week.  I’ve never much enjoyed slaving away over a hot stove.  This is why I am so glad I have a slow cooker and it has been in heavy rotation.  I need to personally thank whoever invented those Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners.

These are like the best thing.  No more caked on crude.  Only bad thing is they only come 4 to a box.  I wonder if Sam’s carries them in a larger package?  Anyone know?

Monday:  Chilpolte Mexican Grill

I had a salad bowl, but of course I choose only Paleo friendly ingredients.  The boys choose tacos.  They really enjoyed their meal.  I  thought it was tasty, but I was still too sick to enjoy it.  Will have to give Chipolte another try at a later date.

Tuesday: Can’t remember?????

Wednesday:  Taco Salad and Paleo Pine Apple Cupcakes

Pinned Image

The taco salad was just something I threw together.  I added a packet of taco seasoning to a pack of ground turkey. Easy!  The cupcakes were pretty tasty.  They weren’t super sweet, so I put butter on top.  Yum!  I did find a recipe for whipped cream.  I may make that up this weekend.

Thursday:  Beef Stew

This was another no brainer.  Just dumped a seasoning packet with all the ingredients in the slow cooker.

Friday: Crockpot Balsamic Roast

I wasn’t crazy about how the sauce turned out on this one.  But the meat was pretty tasty.  I shreeded it up and ate it over a bed of salad greens.

I’m trying to come up with some ideas on how to use the left over pork roast for tomorrow.  We have plenty left!  Any ideas?

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Life After 30: Week 1 Recap

Jan 2 was the start of my Paleo Diet.  I have to say this is the best diet I’ve ever tried.  I haven’t felt deprived at all.  Surprisingly! The basic concept is to eat until you full of organic veggies, lean grass feed and free range meats. I’ve been drinking unsweetened tea and water.

Here is a quick chart of my meals this week:

  Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner
Monday Bacon & eggs Chicken w/salad Nuts & raisonsPickle spear Slow cooker chicken and  rice
Tuesday None Chicken w/broccoli None Slow cooker chicken and kale soup
Wednesday Apple & bacon Salad w/chicken Sweet potato Slow cooker Beef stew
Thursday Apple w/ egg and sausage bake Salad w/ tuna Bacon Slow cooker beef stew
Friday Apple w/ egg and sausage bake Slow cooker beef stew  sweet potato Slow cooker meatballs and sauce w/ broccoli
Saturday  apple w/egg and sausage bake  salad bar w/balsamic dressing  almonds  buffalo snack wings w/broccoli
Sunday  apple w/egg and sausage bake  sweet potato  sweet potato  buffalo snack wings w/broccoli

I was sick with cold on Monday and Tuesday i stayed home to sleep and get better.  I’ve been trying to cut out all added sugars but who knew that cough drops and cold medicines had so much sugar in them?!

I also ended the week sick, the cold came back with a vengence.  I spent half the day Saturday and all day Sunday curled up in the bed with chills and cold sweat.  Not fun!  But I was able to stick with the Paleo plan, even though I wasn’t very hungry and didn’t eat very much.  through all of this I was able to lose 11 pounds.  Down to 236.5 on my weigh in Jan 9!

The next step is to add exercise into my routine.  The last time I worked out to a video on exercise tv, the site is now defunct but luckily I found the video on youtube.

One of my coworkers asked me to walk with her in the mornings.  Friday was our first day.  I took a half hour from my planning time and we walked around the gym too many time to count.  I did break a light sweat.

I plan to begin the boot camp video on Monday.  Why don’t you join me?  What are some of your favorite exercise videos?  Let me know in the comments!

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