Body After Baby: Off and Running

I’m off and running. But so in the wrong direction.

Today Big Mac’s were buy one get one for 1 cent and my husband came home with these:

Trouble in a box


If there is one thing in this world that I love almost more than I love my children, it’s turtles.

In case you don’t know what turtles are, I’ll explain.  A turtle is a delicious confection beginning with nuts, usually pecans, but in my case cashews, covered with a soft caramel and then covered with chocolate.

You see my dilemma?

These things are big time trouble and in no way part of my Eat Clean diet. But that’s okay because I haven’t yet started my Eat Clean diet. With a 3 month old, a 4 year old and a soon to be six year old, all home for Christmas vacation, I haven’t yet made it to the grocery store.

All of that to say, that though I have started working out at the Y, I have yet to begin eating clean. I’m going to take a note from my sister (Life After 30) and rid my pantry of anything unclean (i.e., processed) and then hit up the grocery store and stock up on the good stuff.

I know that there will be temptations.  I know there will be days when my husband comes home with gigantic boxes of chocolate or when the drive thru seems easier than turning on the stove but I know that eating clean is something I can do. I’m ready. No more excuses.



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2 responses to “Body After Baby: Off and Running

  1. KJ

    It’s so hard to say no to temptations, thats why I’m trying not to bring them in the house anymore, sis!

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