Body After Baby

There are some things that can’t be controlled. Whether it rains, if you give birth to a boy or a girl. And stretch marks.

The body I have after three babies is much different from the body I had before them. At first it was a lot to accept. The ill fitting pants and having to pick up a size large shirt instead of a small threw me for a few years. At some point I decided that my body bore the evidence of carrying babies and I had to be alright with that.

My three girls

Somehow that acceptance turned to complacency and my weight climbed higher and higher. What once was a every now and again treat (chocolate…my nemesis) became an every day thing. I stopped caring about the types of food I put into my body. Fast food, processed and sugary foods, soda was the norm.

And I paid dearly for it. I am still paying for it.

My pregnancies were rough. I had gestational diabetes which is basically just a precursor for diabetes later on in life. I took insulin and had to control my diet. That more or less led me to clean eating.

My sister (Life After 30) loaned me the book Eat Clean by Tosca Reno that changed my life. I read the book in one night, devouring the knowledge. It was so easy that I was astounded that it had never occurred to me.

For about six months, I ate clean, exercised and then ran a 5k. I felt the best I had felt since highschool. It was incredible.

And then I found I was pregnant with my youngest daughter (now 3 months old) and moved from Philadelphia to Florida and eating clean flew out the window.

Now that I’ve given birth, I’m ready to take back my body. I have decided that eating clean worked for me before and that’s what I plan to do again. It’s not easy to turn down that Big Mac and Fries or to say no to that giant box of turtles my husband brought home today, but it’s worth it.

5'6 - 176lbs

Busting the Gut!


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