Fit After 30

I’ve never been what one would consider skinny.  My ultimate goal isn’t to be skinny.  The ultimate goal is to get to a healthier weight and live a healthier lifestyle. I want to be active and look good and feel good in my own skin.

I remember always being “solid”.  However, I always wanted to be skinny, like my sister.  No one ever compared our sizes but they would make comments around me about how skinny she was.  So deep down it hurt and I thought they were telling me I was fat since she was so skinny.

I can’t remember my first “diet” but I can remember making eloborate plans for weight loss but never following through and being successful with my efforts.  So I just settled and lived with the weight.

Eventually, I left for college and managed to lose some weight during marching band season.  But it always seemed to creep back on over the school year.  My junior year in college I lost 30 pounds by running with the band while we trained for a Mardi Gras parade.  I felt so great about myself.  I felt confident and buetifuel.  Even at that the time I still wanted to lose more.  I managed to keep the weight off through the rest of college. But then I started my first job after graduation.  I sat for eight hours a day and began to prepare my own meals.  I ate alot of processed foods and got zero exercise.  Within months all the weight crept back on.

Two years after college I had my first child and quickly became pregnant with my second child.  I gained about 30 additional pounds between the two pregnancies and was able to lose 15 pounds.  In the three years since the birth of my last child I regained and lost the same 15 pounds several times.

The problem lies within my motivation.  About a year ago I discovered healthy living blogs and wanted to make a change but couldn’t get motivated.  I have finally just made a commitment to do something about my health and weight.  I’ve read several books, and I have a gym buddy lined up.  This is the time I WILL be successful.  My blog is meant to be a motivation and accountability tool for myself and if it helps others than that would be great as well.  I have less than two years before I turn 30 and I want to enter the next decade of my life looking and feeling the best I ever have!

Edited: So, I wrote all of that about a year ago.  So I still wasn’t successful but I did manage to gain more weight.  Only this time this blog now includes my entire family!  We are starting this blog to encourage one another on our different weight loss journeys and goals.  I really feel this time I will be successful because I have so much support behind me!

Previous Starting Photos
June 2010
Side View
These pictures are old I was probably about 229.  Add about 18 pounds and much longer hair.
Here are more recent photos May 2013, 252 pounds.
June 16, 2010:  229
February 21, 2011: 234
March 27, 2011: 240
April 9, 2011: 235.5
January 2, 2012:247.5
January 9, 2012:236.5  -11
January 17, 2012: 233.5  -3
January 23, 2012: 232.5 -1
January 30, 2012: 232  -.5
February 4, 2012: 230.5  -1.5
January 6, 2013: 249 -3
January 13, 2013: 247 -2
January 20, 2013: 247
April 27, 2013: 256 +9
May 5, 2013: 254 -2
May 11, 2013: 252 -2
May 12, 2013: 254.5 +2.5
May 26, 2013: 254.5
June 23, 2013: 255 +.5
June 30, 2013:253 -2
January 23, 2011
Waist: 45″
Bust: 47″
Hips: 44.5″
Left Thigh: 27″
Left Arm: 16.5″

May 11, 2013

Waist: 47″
Bust: 49″
Hips: 49″
Left Thigh: 27.5″
Left Arm: 17″

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