The Free-Weigh

1st Degree of Freedom

Wow! Wowwwww! This picture was taken last New Years at my Brother’s wedding.  Since this picture was taken I’ve rounded out even more and have gotten even more un-athletic.  Yes the guy to the right is me!  Talk about motivating!  Yesterday, I actually recognized that I’ve got to get in shape and start making healthier choices.

Funny about 10 years ago on my first assignment with General Electric I had an opportunity to meet a person that would later become a great friend.  On that trip I remember asking my soon to be friend “So when did you lose it” he laughed slyly and said “live a little and ask me that question in 10 years.”  Well as you see my time has come and I looked back and laugh, man I just lost it.

My apologies, the “It” reflects the amount of weight gain.   I’m actually the gentleman on the right.


Height    6’2”

Weight   266

Waist      40 something (42”)

My post will highlight my goal to lose 40 lbs utilizing traditional methods of exercise in an unconventional ways or in a “Free Weigh”.  Following a rigid diet program and stale exercising program gets boring.  I would like to use this opportunity to show how being active can help transform you back to the gold ole days.

Recognizing that I’ve gained weight and need to get shape is liberating and now the fun begins…….

Stay tuned


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